Social Media

AGH UST boasts an array of tens of thousands of followers who make up our University community on various social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

What is important to us?



The daily life of a university is its people. Students and their remarkable projects, the teaching staff with their passions and achievements, and our alumni whose bonds with the university remain very much alive. Our social media have the faces of our people – we really enjoy showcasing just how many wonderful and inspiring people study or work at AGH UST.



AGH UST is the University of the Future, which is why on every occasion we highlight the achievements of our students and staff. It does not matter whether it is big-scale international projects or creative graduate theses; we are continually proving that science is fascinating and is everywhere around us.



The University Campus is a city within a city. It constantly fluctuates and evolves. We treat it like our collective home, which we take good care of. The buildings, green spaces, and the developing infrastructure – we know the place like the backs of our own hands, so nothing escapes our notice.



AGH UST Social Media would not have come to life if not for the active participation of our followers. Do you have an interesting photo, a video, or a story related to our university? Share them with us! Chances are that we too will find it intriguing and post it on one of our channels.


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